23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Edgar Weggelaar

Queer Destinations
Edgar Weggelaar

18+ years’ experienced professional in the corporate, destinations & leisure business driving, firm engaged with gender equality functions in a company and compromised with the SDG’s agenda 2030 forward. Edgar learned earlier in his career that what motivates him is handling brands and business that he truly loves, and he is passionate about creating content. He cannot be an authentic storyteller nor being in a leadership role if he doesn’t actually believe what he is talking about! He has had a specialized career because he has chosen to work for the industry that he finds the most inspiring unlocking transformational tourism initiatives for leading brands. He shares his professional accomplishments, implements a strategic global vision and celebrates the brands he loves, whilst constantly learning from others. Working in the tourism industry, he gets to spend his days doing what he enjoys most.