2-4 NOV 2022

Tourism Innovation Awards 2022

Get rewarded for the implementation of innovative models or technology in the tourism industry

We believe that the travel industry is booming and while online reviews are great, it always helps to have some recognition from a credible, third-party source. Additionally, as travel lovers, we wish to recognize those organizations that are shaping the industry and promote them to our 100,000 strong readership and to media. Our goal is to provide the very best tips on travel to our discerning followers and subscribers too. This way, we intend to bring out the best in the travel industry and highlight it for the world to see.

Our global awards honour the firms and individuals who have displayed excellence in a multitude of fields throughout the year.


Call for Awards will close 20th September 2022, 23:59:59 CET.

Pre-selected Awards finalists candidates will be notified from 4th October 2022.


THE BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AWARD: For the purpose of this initiative, a smart tourism destination is defined as a destination facilitating access to tourism and hospitality products, services, spaces and experiences through Information and Communications Technology-based tools. Furthermore, it has to be in a smart destination with a healthy social and cultural environment, which can be found through a focus on the city’s social and human capital. It also implements innovative, intelligent solutions and fosters the development of entrepreneurial businesses and their interconnectedness.

THE BEST INNOVATION ON AI AND DATA ANALYTICS AWARD: The best Innovation on AI & DA are specifically focused on recognizing teams & end user organizations that are doing ground breaking work to deliver business outcomes using Data Analytics, AI & IoT technologies & techniques. Best Industry Application of Data Analytics, of IoT, of AI/Cognitive, of Customer Insights, of Government Service or as the Best Start-up.

THE BEST DIGITAL & INNOVATION AWARDS: This award recognises an organisation within the travel industry that has a well implemented strategy to successfully market its products or services using digital technologies. It will also recognise tourism boards or travel brands that have used social media to effectively gain trade and consumer trust, increase brand awareness and consideration, improved loyalty through promotions and deals, offered interactive competitions and excelled in customer service through social media.

THE BEST SUSTAINABLE TOURISM PROJECT AWARDS: These Best Sustainable Tourism Project Awards aim to demonstrate the benefits of rehabilitation, recycling, eco-friendly transformation and the incorporation of sustainability into the strategy of tourism businesses through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

THE BEST NEW BUSINESS MODEL AWARDS: These Best New Business Model Awards aim to demonstrate the benefits to achieve a sustainable and profitable future through technology and innovation. Categories have to be following the World Tourism Organization models. Deep Tech, rethinking location and geolocation, the aim in this category is to select the best business model that simplifies trips for customers or suppliers using location systems. Solutions that combine location data with artificial intelligence can be used to identify tourism regions, associate them with nearby airports, optimize, and offer opinion mining, among others. Smart Mobility, the category features projects that improve the quality of travel and that facilitate the mobility of users using any transport system. The objective is to reduce economic, environmental and time costs.

PRIX D’EXCELLENCE: A limited number of award recipients will be further categorised under the Prix d’Excellence Awards category; which is the highest achievement under the International Tourism Innovation Awards. Direct submission for the Prix d’Excellence Awards is not possible, as the honourees are selected among recipients of the International Tourism Innovation Awards. In years where no submission is deemed to have achieved the level of Prix d’Excellence, no such award category shall be awarded.

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Terms & Conditions

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