10-12 NOV 2021

5G applications in the tourism sector: towards immersive tourism

The implementation of the 5G connectivity will change the way we communicate, multiply the capacity of the information highways and allow everyday objects to connect with us and with each other in real-time. The fully implemented 5G network will contribute not only to generalize the use of virtual reality applications, 360º video or augmented reality, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, etc., but also to evolve to the next level so that we begin to configure immersive tourism.

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5 Marketing Trends for the Tourism Sector in 2021

The changes in traveller behaviour and trends in the tourism and travel sector make a good marketing and communication strategy more important than ever for companies in this industry, to regain the confidence of tourists and convince them that they can travel safely.

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Travel & Tourism after Covid-19

How travel and tourism will be after covid? Vaccination against Covid-19 and the gradual opening of borders during this year will be key to the recovery of international tourism. In fact, according to the CESAE Business & Tourism School, the restrictions experienced in 2020 will cause travel to increase as soon as there is health stability and as long as the economy has allowed families to stay afloat. Discover the new trends and travelers behaviour for this new year 2021.

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