10-12 NOV 2021

5 key drivers to boost tourism competitiveness

Tourism industry is facing one of the most difficult times in decades with the expansion of the COVID-19 at a global scale. Reactivation is one of the priorities of travel and tourism industry these days, but it is not the only one. Restarting tourism must come together with a value proposition where health and safety are assured.

A key element to achieve this goal is trust. Strategies and actionable tactics to build a more trusted travel experiences and how we articulate communication around it will become essential. Also, getting the right insights from one and every single one travel profile will turn into gold for the industry in order to cover all the needs of the new demands. In that sense, understanding people’s diversity to create an inclusive tourism value proposition is an imperative with a high potential of business opportunities for the industry. We are seeing how sustainability is transforming from an idea to a profitable principle for tourism.

Last but not least driver that will transform tourism dramatically is technology. We are living on a digital economy where there is plenty of tools but also threats that must be embraced in order to have the right responses on time.

Tourism Innovation Summit is aimed to help tourism and travel industry to face all those short and long-term challenges. Seville will host again three days of disruptive masterclasses where success stories of travel are going on stage. Digitalization and innovation will be main discussion and plenty of solutions will be presented to the tourism industry to address these challenges. An event to find the right partners to evolve their digital strategies and implement them. A wide variety of technologies will be showcased in order to help tourism businesses become more competitive and, more importantly, restart the new ways of travel.

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