23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Tourism Innovation Global Summit 2024

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The outlook of tourism looks promising. As all destinations are now open to travellers with the reopening of China’s borders, we can finally say that international travel has bounced back across all regions. Despite the current economic inflation, climate impacts or geopolitical risks, the hunger to discover new destinations or the desire to endure experiences with purpose is more alive than ever.


However, tourism has changed and all stakeholders in within the industry must embrace this transformation. The acceleration of digitalization, the importance of sustainability and new consumer trends are driving a cutting-edge tourism that needs to be smarter, digital, and sustainable.


While last year GenAI was grabbing everyone’s attention, 2024 it is going to be the year to test, implement and share results of Artificial Intelligence on business. We are seeing how generative AI affected both suppliers and customers. But not only that, companies who include AI in the online presentation of their services have been able to significantly increase their turnover. While generative AI is getting all the attention in terms of innovation, there are many other innovations in travel and technology that will and are already influencing the way travel companies operate in the coming years and transforming the travel experience.


Cloud, Business Intelligence, Data, Connectivity, Automation tools, Channels Managers, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Web3, VR/AR and of course AI are enhancing the travel experience and the operations on tourism. It is a moment of great opportunities for tourism to understand how to become more competitive, smarter, innovative and more sustainable by boosting the latest technologies to elevate our industry.


Tourism Innovation Summit is the place to be for any tourism expert that wants to take off on this digital journey. For three days, our showroom gathers the most unique tech solutions for industry professionals to take their business or destination to the next level. The Tourism Innovation Global Summit brings together the greatest minds to inspire others, encourage disruptive conversations and create collaborative frameworks to move further unitedly. And the high-level networking events, create great memories that help us build long lasting relationships. Sevilla, benchmark of heritage, passion, hub for tourism innovation and named European Capital of Smart Tourism 2023 by the European Commission is the best city to host the Tourism ecosystem, tech community and public administration to build together the future of travel.

This year, Tourism Innovation Global Summit will focus on the following segments of the tourism industry:

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Evaluation criteria:

The objective of the Tourism Innovation Global Summit is to provide a comprehensive view of the most important topics of the Tourism Industry for professionals and companies, through unique and high-level conferences that will showcase the most innovative, disruptive, and inspiring ideas, practices, and technologies.

The selection criteria are:

  • For the impact it can bring to the key issues of the congress.
  • For its innovation.
  • For originality, disruption, and differential vision.
  • For the arguments and information of the presentation.



Proposal entry deadline:  31st July 2024

Confirmation of selected candidates: from 2nd September 2024


If you have any questions, doubts or suggestions regarding this call for speakers or Tourism Innovation Global Summit, please contact us here.

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