10-12 NOV 2021
Tickets & Benefits

10 reasons to attend to Tourism Innovation Summit

Take advantage of the business opportunities, insights and experience that offers TIS!

Discover the future of the tourism sector for the next months and years

Find out the strategies of the tourism industry in the post Covid-19 era

Improve your business with the latest technology for the tourism sector

Learn about the latest trends, tools and techniques to improve the customer experience

Improve the traveller experience with Smart destinations

Hear from the best in marketing, technology, hospitality, tourism... that will share ideas and insights

The agenda is created for each professional profile and with different vertical forums

Innovate in new tourism products

Improve your business competitiveness

High-profile networking opportunities at TIS

Besides these 10 reasons to attend to TIS, if you need to justify your trip to your boss, download a letter to convince your firm about the value of visiting Tourism Innovation Summit!