Seville, Tourism Innovation World Capital

23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Seville, Tourism Innovation World Capital

From theory to practice from the city itself


For yet another year, Seville is hosting one of the most representative events in the tourism sector. However, the experience does not end at FIBES. The Tourism Innovation Summit can be seen, felt and, in short, also experienced in the rest of the city.

The capital of Seville is currently a place where the most innovative trends are being developed, a space where the main trends that will mark the future of cities in general, and the tourism sector in particular, are materialising. A sustainable city model that combines tradition and innovation, technology and craftsmanship, and in which people, visitors and residents, are at the centre of the city.


Defined by its unequalled historical and artistic heritage, but also by the idiosyncrasy of its neighbourhoods, its suggestive gastronomy and its wide range of cultural offerings. Seville is all that can be seen, and also all that cannot be seen, but can be felt.

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Marked by its open and multifaceted personality, Seville can boast today of being a pole of attraction for new ideas and trends; the space chosen by institutions, companies, research centres and national and international professionals to reflect on the present and future of the driving sectors of the region’s economy.

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An enclave with values, in which the wellbeing of its people and visitors and sustainability understood in the broadest sense of the word, is at the centre of creating friendlier, more habitable and inclusive spaces, in which to share that unique way of seeing and living the world that characterises us.

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Seville is all this past and all this present, but it is also a laboratory of experimentation in which to test the digital, sustainable and humane future to which we aspire. 

Seville is in as many cities as you can imagine.

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