23-25 OCT 2024

Tourism Innovation Awards 2023

We are looking for the most innovative, digital, and sustainable projects for the travel and tourism industry.

Are you involved in an innovative project that will change the travel industry? Do you have disruptive solutions that will boost tourism competitiveness? Have you transformed the customer experience thanks to a disruptive strategy and implementation? Has your sustainability goal been achieved?

Tourism Innovation Awards 2023 recognize the best projects, solutions, or technologies that are shaping the industry of travel and tourism. We intend to bring out the best and highlight it for the world to see.


  • THE BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AWARD: A smart tourism destination is defined as a destination facilitating access to tourism and hospitality products, services, spaces and experiences through Information and Communications Technology-based tools. This award recognizes those projects that offer an unforgettable customer experience for their clients.
  • THE BEST INNOVATION ON AI AND DATA ANALYTICS AWARD: The best Innovation in AI & Data Analytics are specifically focused on recognizing teams & end-user organizations that are doing groundbreaking work to deliver business outcomes using Data Analytics, AI & IoT technologies & techniques.
  • THE BEST DIGITAL & INNOVATION AWARDS: This award recognizes an organization within the travel industry that has a well-implemented strategy to successfully market its products or services using digital technologies.
  • THE BEST SUSTAINABLE TOURISM PROJECT AWARDS: The aim of this award is to demonstrate the benefits of rehabilitation, recycling, eco-friendly transformation and the incorporation of sustainability into the strategy of tourism businesses through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  • THE BEST NEW BUSINESS MODEL AWARDS: The aim of The Best New Business Model Award is to demonstrate the benefits to achieve a sustainable and profitable future through technology and innovation, especially Deep Tech, rethinking location and geolocation, following the Tourism Organization models.

To keep in mind:

The Tourism Innovation Awards are aimed at all companies, universities, vendors, executives, business schools, scholars, researchers, analysts, journalists, start-ups, scale-ups, accelerators, science and tech parks, innovation centres, etc. from all over the world. All organizations which are identified with this aim are cordially invited to submit their proposals to the Tourism Innovation Summit Evaluation Committee.

  • Call for Awards is closed.
  • Pre-selected Awards finalists candidates will be notified from September 18th onwards to the main email address specified in the registration form.
  • The winners will be announced during the Tourism Innovation Awards 2023 Gala Ceremony to be held on October 19th 2023