10-12 NOV 2021

Technology changes the future of the tourism industry

The tourism sector faced unique challenges even before the health crisis unleashed. In recent years we have experienced the bankruptcy or restructuring of large tourist groups that have put our industry on high alert. The worldwide health emergency with Covid-19 has forced the closure of thousands of air routes and our sector has suffered an unexpected halt. The slow opening of routes, destinations, hotels, and distribution channels does not guarantee anyone to save a “horrible year”.

It is time to adopt new strategies if we want to quickly regain our market shares. However, the most vibrant industry in the world has great challenges ahead, hundreds of obstacles to overcome, a permanent change in traveler behavior, and new security protocols. Faced with this situation, technology is becoming a great ally for destinations, airlines, hotel companies, or distribution channels. That is why, only those who manage to incorporate data analytics, automation, new payment systems, new distribution channels, artificial intelligence, CRS, GDS, new loyalty programs, cybersecurity, sustainability, etc. to reposition their tourism product, they will survive.

The tourism industry needs technology to offer an even more interactive and exciting experience. In a sector where customer experience is particularly relevant, a value proposition through the latest technological innovation can revolutionize the bottom line of any tourism business today. The future of the tourism industry comes with technology, and digitalization has come as a compulsory subject for the sector.

Tourism Innovation Summit brings technology closer to the tourism sector to improve its competitiveness.

International tourism
revenue amounted to

77% Chain hotels are more likely to increase technology investments

Corporate travel
spending is expected to hit $1.7 TRILLION by 2022

2020: Over 100 MILLION jobs losses in the Travel & Tourism sector

Travel and tourism industry
in 2019 accounted for 10.4% of the total GDP worldwide

1/10 JOBS
are supported by
Travel & Tourism

Rising awareness on sustainability, ZERO
plastic and climate change

27% airlines merges

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