18-20 OCT 2023

Technology changes the future of the tourism industry

Tourism industry is facing one of the most difficult times in decades with the expansion of the COVID-19 at a global scale. Most of the businesses were forced to shut down, some others found different ways to transform their business models and others have focused all the energies on being prepared to start reactivating as soon as they can.

We have been forced to stop travelling for health reasons. This break will only give us the time to rethink our business models and learn how to offer better travel experiences, smart and sustainable destination offers and tourism products that are really satisfying the needs of consumers. A more demanding consumer is expecting to travel back again and the ones that are listening and ready to innovate are the ones who will restart for sure.

Tourism Innovation Summit brings technology closer to the tourism sector to improve its competitiveness and restart the new ways of travel.

INTERNATIONAL TOURISM REVENUE recover and go back in 2022 to 1,16 trillion USD

83% CHAIN HOTELS are more likely to increase technology investments

BUSINESS TRAVEL spending is expected to hit $1.36 trillion by 2022

The over 100 million jobs losses in 2020 WILL BE REGENERATED with a 20% the first year

Between 100 and 120 million DIRECT TOURISM JOBS AT RISK, man of them in SMEs

The collapse in international travel represents an estimated LOSS of $1.3 trillion IN EXPORT REVENUES

79% expected RECOVERY in 2021

RISING AWARENESS on sustainability, ZERO plastic and fight of climate change

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