23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Access to Digital Content is Sustainable and Profitable. Plus, it Enhances the Travel Experience and Strengthens Customers’ Bond with Brands.

Thu 11 Nov | 13:30 - 14:00

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Over the decades, travellers have always looked for safe, comfortable, and memorable experiences as part of a positive journey – a pandemic won’t change those intrinsic needs because they live at the heart of travel. And while safety protocols have increased and brands have shifted to operate in new ways, the travel industry’s most pressing issue, sustainability, hasn’t been shelved. On the contrary, the awareness around each journey’s sustainability continued to increase, leading to more frequent conversations and changes to practices. Yes, the pandemic shocked businesses and markets, but it also forced us to think outside the box and change the way we live and operate.

Again, the pandemic didn’t erase sustainability from our corporate agenda, but it has changed our perceptions of it. What’s apparent in the travel industry is that new contactless experiences are in, and high-touch processes and amenities are out, and likely not just for now. Sustainable solutions, like digital, create safer travel and holiday experiences for everyone and, ultimately, help companies capitalize on demand and increase profitability. Sustainability is not just about being green; it’s also not a cost item on a balance sheet or a buzzword in our ESG. It’s not a feel-good initiative that makes us more attractive from a public relations perspective. But, when done right, it generates profit. Why? Because it’s an investment for future ROI – a safe and healthy future for the business, its employees, partners, customers, suppliers, investors, and the planet.

These are new times for sustainable practices, and as some might incorrectly assume, investing in sustainability now doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice convenience and choice. It saves money in the end. By digitising content, regardless of whether to upload a brand’s established magazine or disposable print materials, businesses offer travelers a new way to experience their journey exactly the way customers want. It’s all part of consumer-centric thinking, which, if executed well, increases engagement with a brand’s content while meeting sustainable goals and improving operational efficiency.

Nikolay Malyarov will present various examples of sustainable development programmes with lessons from other consumer-focused industries, in and outside of the travel sector. This presentation looks to inspire original thinking in an industry buffeted by the escalating changes in technology and consumer behaviour.