The Cybersecurity regulations – national and international standards, certifications, contractual obligations or codes of conduct and good practices – grow at the same time as cyberthreats and cases of cybercrime do, and it is increasingly urgent to equip ourselves with the necessary tools to protect the data of the company and people. The presence of a Cyber Compliance system in the company seems obvious, but many entities do not know how to implement a map that includes the rules that apply to them, what their requirements are and in which areas of the organization they act. 

In turn, the risk of not having a correct Cyber Compliance system, is too critical in a society governed by digital transformation and, above all, economically and reputationally damaging; for this reason the CISO and the Compliance department must work aligned in an environment in which information, transparency, and traceability of processes become strategic pillars, especially in the touristic sector, where fundamental and freedom rights of people can be affected and generate a situation of vulnerability or flagrant defenselessness in various other countries than the residence one.