23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

China Destination Country Partner

Discover the country that will revolutionize tourism at TIS 2024!

China: the best-kept secret of tourism innovation at TIS 2024

This year, at the heart of the Tourism Innovation Summit 2024, we are proud to present China as our next honored guest country. Get ready to immerse yourselves in a fascinating journey towards the future of tourism, guided by one of the world’s most dynamic and visionary nations.

China, with its vast history, rich culture, and breathtaking landscapes, has not only captivated travelers for centuries but has also been at the forefront of innovation in the tourism industry. From the implementation of cutting-edge technologies to the creation of unique experiences, China has proven to be an undisputed leader in transforming the sector.

Unveiling China’s Tourism Renaissance: Trends, Innovations, and Record-Breaking Visits in 2024

The emerging trends and innovations in the Chinese tourism sector reflect the growing demand from travelers seeking authentic and enriching experiences. Moreover, China has rapidly embraced advanced technologies to enhance the quality and efficiency of its tourism services, providing an exceptional travel experience.

Embracing Tradition and Modernity: China’s Timeless culture in 2024

As China continues to embrace its cultural heritage while embracing modernity, it remains a top destination for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in a world of timeless charm and unparalleled beauty. Whether exploring ancient wonders or savoring culinary delights, visitors to China are sure to be captivated by the country’s rich cultural tapestry in 2024 and beyond.


Revolutionizing Tradition: Exploring China’s Culinary Landscape in 2024

While Chinese cuisine is steeped in tradition, it also embraces innovation and modernity. In 2024, visitors to China can experience the cutting-edge creations of avant-garde chefs who blend traditional ingredients and techniques with contemporary flair. From molecular gastronomy experiments to fusion cuisine that draws inspiration from global culinary trends, China’s dining scene is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of flavor.