23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Touristech Startup Fest 2022

The Touristech Startup Fest 2022 has recognised once again the most disruptive projects with technological solutions that impact on tourism industry sustainability and improve its competitiveness. Of the more than 4,000 startups that applied, 40 were selected to pitch in this entrepreneurship competition to present their ideas and business models to leading tourism companies and investors. Artificial Intelligence, data analytics and Augmented Reality are the solutions of the most innovative startups that are transforming tourism.


Touristech Startup Fest 2022 Winners

Telefónica Award – Selected as a finalist to become a member of the Gran Vía Open Future Hub

  • Beder: A travel tech app that allows you to explore the world and decide where to go and what to do on your trips in an entertaining, simple and visual way.

PCT Cartuja Award – 6 months in the Marie Curie Tecnoincubator

  • TOP Tourism Optimizer Platform: Tourism Optimizer Platform (TOP) provides a portal for governments and providers to collaborate in governmental and institutional travel. But TOP goes also beyond that and is not only a portal for a new sector, but has developed a standard that helps bridge the gap in between provider services and governmental needs.

WTTC Award – Becoming a member of WTTC for a year

  • Noytrall: Noytrall is a hotel-tech for sustainability. A bi-directional technology that serves the hospitality industry and engages guests in increasing sustainable behavior. Our innovative tech solution makes all-size hospitality businesses worldwide available with an affordable, simple-to-deploy and simple-to-use, wireless and automated monitoring system over guests’ water and energy consumption, in real-time from the check-in to the check-out. Noytrall is an evidence-based tech that integrates to the property PMS and enables either hotels and guests to reduce these valuable resources consumption. The equation is simple: the more conscious a guest’s resource consumption behavior is; the more the guest qualifies to pay less; the better the hotel’s operation efficiency is; the less the hotel’s footprint is.

Amadeus Ventures Award – Becoming a member of the Amadeus Startup Universe and 2 hours of mentorship

  • E-Wand: E-Wand is a mobile-friendly application which turns your customer journey into a seamless and comfort.

Andalucía Lab Award – An event with the Andalusian tourism ecosystem

  • Swap Your Travel: Swap Your Travel is a digital platform that was created for the purchase and sale of travel (air/train tickets or vouchers, hotel reservations, vacation packages, etc.) between individuals. On the one hand, people who cannot travel will be able to recover their investment by transferring/selling their trip to another person who can take advantage of it. On the other hand, it is a platform of opportunities for travelers, since they can find offers to travel more economically. Thanks to SyT they will be able to travel in a much more economical way while helping other travelers to recover a large part of their money.

UNWTO Award – A grant for the UNWTO Online Academy

  • Meep: ¿Losing passengers? ¿Do you need to boost Public Transport? In Meep, we help Transit Authorities and Transit & Micro-mobility companies to increase passengers with our MaaS platform. We provide digital solutions for Transit Authorities, Transit Operators, and Mobility Service Providers to create an interconnected mobility ecosystem. In one app, we combine traditional public transport services with new micro-mobility ones of a city to put the citizen in the centre of public transport, radically improving their digital experience. We increase the number of citizens that leave their private vehicles and join the public transport systems.
  • EAT INN: The first platform that helps accompany hotels in their sustainable transformation in a cost-effective way, redistributing food in perfect condition by offering the seats that each restaurant can assume without using more resources to non-accommodated customers. Our formula: + “unaccommodated” customers – Food waste in perfect condition = Profitable sustainability.
  • Midnightdeal: MidnightDeal is the first booking site where you decide how much you spend on your vacation. We offer you exclusive, dynamic price offers from handpicked hotels in and around Austria!
  • Aguardio: At Aguardio, we believe that sustainable living begins with visibility and awareness. To achieve this, we have developed (Aguardio G2 & Aguardio Leak Sensor) easy-to-use IoT sensors that help people live more sustainably by reducing the amount of water and energy they use in the bathroom. Aguardio G2: Installed in the bathroom, Aguardio G2 facilitates changes in shower behaviour with the aim to reduce water and energy consumption. A combination of sensors and big data enables Aguardio to identify showers without being part of the installation. The effect is documented by Surrey University, read more on www.showeringsmartly.com Aguardio Leak Sensor is a clamp-on solution that can detect leaking toilets as small as five litres of water an hour, which is not even visible in the toilet pan. The Leak Sensor can also count the number of toilet flushes, which can be used to, e.g., optimise cleaning routines. Neither product requires plumbing to install, making them suitable for new or existing buildings and meeting a wide range of demands from single-family homes to large establishments.
  • Turbosuite: Turbosuite is a technological tool developed by property managers who are experts in revenue. Our goal is to maximize the performance of bookings in holiday homes and apartments. We apply dynamic pricing rules and pricing strategies to improve organic positioning in the different sales channels. In this way, we obtain an increase in conversions and greater control in the type of reservations.

Smart City Office and La Fábrica de Sevilla Award. Includes: Collaborating in the Sustainable Urban Laboratory projects, a mentoring session, and support in the implementation of the project in Seville

  • Hotel Treats: Hotel Treats is how the most fabulous hotels in the world sell gift vouchers and experiences online. Our clients include St. Regis, Fairmont, Nobu & independent LHWs across the globe, from the US and Europe to Thailand. Leveraging branded online shops we create, and our fully managed online marketplace (https://www.hoteltreats.com), hotels can now open their doors to millions of potential customers who live on their doorstep. By allowing local residents to easily purchase gift vouchers and experiences like Spa treatments, Sunday brunch or tasting menus, hotels increase their revenues, optimise outlets, create organic buzz on social media and enjoy long-term effects on MICE.
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