Author: Cloudbeds


Technology will be the crucial driver in the reactivation of travel. But hospitality and travel have changed, and lodging businesses are facing a highly competitive environment with four key challenges:

  1. Building a safe, trusted guest experience
  2. Getting more done with fewer resources
  3. Evolving their channel management strategy
  4. Keeping pricing and distribution competitive

Disconnected tools will hold you back. Hoteliers and hosts need a solution that puts their operations at the center so that they can unlock more revenue opportunities and grow their business. With a connected solution, you can meet the key challenges of today by:

  1. Creating a contactless experience from check-in to check-out. Take control of the customer journey—from contactless check-in and keyless entry to automated payment processing.
  2. Automating manual tasks. It’s time to streamline operations to build a better business. You need tools that automate daily manual tasks to cover one or more full-time employees. By automating your pricing, channel management and payment processing you’ll not only free up time, but you’ll also avoid making manual errors that can lead to overbookings.
  3. Reevaluating your channel management strategy. If your business mix leaned more toward business travelers, where does that leave you today with a recovery fueled by leisure guests? Direct bookings and the major OTAs are important aspects of the strategy, but not the only parts. Now’s the time to think outside the box and tap into unique distribution channels to build a strategy that fits the times.
  4. Making sure your rate is always the most competitive. Smart pricing strategies have become even more essential now that there’s more competition to reach fewer travelers. You can’t watch every distribution channel or competitor all day long. You need a pricing intelligence engine that does it for you.

Connecting the Systems: More Powerful Together

Cloudbeds is a one-stop solution with everything you need to unlock more revenue opportunities for your business. The cloud-based, integrated platform can also streamline operations and help you deliver memorable guest experiences. What’s more, Cloudbeds is made for properties of all shapes and sizes—hotels and hotel groups, hostels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals.

With Cloudbeds, you can elevate every aspect of your property, with proven results, including:

  • Expanding visibility across all your distribution channels, increasing reservations by 20%
  • Supercharging productivity with streamlined operations, saving four hours of work per employee daily
  • Increasing guest satisfaction before, during, and after their stay, with a 32% lift in positive reviews

With Cloudbeds, you have one login and one platform that’s always in sync. That means your systems—from the website, booking engine, PMS, channel manager, finance & payments, and more—can work more powerfully together. Get in touch with us today to start streamlining your operations.