23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Winners of the Tourism Innovation Awards 2022:
The Best Customer Experience Award:

  • Casa Batlló: They have developed a unique visitor experience cycle that cares for visitors at every step of their tour: before, during, and after the visit. A fascinating user-centered immersive experience in an extraordinarily restored World Heritage site using AI, AR and Machine Learning.

· Finalists:

  • DigitalGuest:Made by hoteliers for hoteliers, the company uses technology to take the guest experience to the next level, maximize hotel revenue and save time and money while taking care of sustainability. It was born as a digital directory and has become a powerful experience, communication and upselling tool that eases hoteliers’ daily operations.
  • EMG – Essen Marketing GmbH: “Essen 1887 – A Mixed Reality Journey Through Time” is the world’s first city tour using mixed reality glasses. Visitors book their tickets and time slots online, on the day they pick up a smartphone, headphones and a pair of Nreal Light MR-glasses. Using GPS tracking and a guiding voice over the tour sends visitors back into the Essen city centre of 1887.
The Best Innovation on AI and Data Analytics Award:

  • Vueling: Vueling network strategy team and Flare Consulting data analytics branch have partnered to foster cultural change into the airline thanks to the use of geolocated mobile data analysis. As a result, the airline has become more data-driven in taking strategic decisions on its route network portfolio, bringing value to both passengers, shareholders, and the environment.

· Finalists:

  • Turbosuite: Turbosuite managed the profitability of their assets through a mixture of the analysis of the most important KPIs, the local market situation, and internal/external factors. Integrating everything in the price calculation and applying different strategies in the sales channel is the best way to maximize the revenue of our establishments.
  • HiJiffy: It is the first AI-powered operating system, specifically designed to understand guest queries in the hospitality industry. The technology was built on top of data from more than 100 million guest and hotel interactions, during the past 6 years.
The Best Digital & Innovation Award:

  • Dublin City Council: Developed the Smart Tourism Programme, an initiative for supporting innovation and driving positive transformation within Dublin. It uses technology, data analysis and digitalization to build more accessible, sustainable and equitable destinations, ultimately creating more inclusive prosperity for locals and better experiences for visitors.

· Finalists:

  • OTA Insight: OTA Insight has an overview’s dynamic platform, where hoteliers can quickly and easily react, adjust and regain forward momentum in today’s fast-paced market landscape by getting all of their key metrics, all in one place. With the Overview you can now quickly collaborate and review high-value opportunities and key dates with your team.
  • TIFLOACTIVA INNOVACIÓN SL: They have created a new product: The intelligent accessible model, are physical reproductions that incorporate capacitive technology capable of collecting the touch of people to touch certain areas of interest in a reproduction. People’s touch travels to a CPU that collects the information from the cloud to give a real-time response to the visitor in an audio-described way for blind people, in blocks of text, in sign language for deaf people and in a children’s version for children.
The Best Sustainable Tourism Project Award:

  • Bioscore: The Bioscore platform offers the possibility of managing all the information related to the sustainability of an organization in a centralized way, in addition to making available to users the opportunity to establish reduction plans, write sustainability reports or obtain various certificates.

· Finalists:

  • Agència d’Estratègia Turística de les Illes Balears: The new law for the sustainability and circularity of tourism in the Balearic Islands has a tool for improving the tourist experience, the quality of life of residents, the working conditions of workers, environmental regeneration and the social process, the regulation sets out a series of mandatory measures.
  • Outdooractive AG: Enhance the visitors experience with digital trail management, you can connect directly and share real-time information with your guests. With this unique approach, managers and guests contribute to improve the touristic infrastructure. Information from all sources is brought together in one single system so that you are always in full control of your trail conditions.
The Best New Business Model Award:

  • Hotel Treats: Hotel Treats is the preeminent managed eCommerce platform for hotels, resorts and hospitality management companies. Their mission is to increase revenues and optimise outlet footfall significantly creating beautifully branded online shops, enabling hospitality businesses to sell any product or service online via a direct channel.

· Finalists:

  • MOCO Museum Barcelona: They share the latest innovations and technologies in art as Europe’s first dedicated exhibition space for NFTs. Furthermore, they exhibit the boundless potential of digital immersive art from international artists like teamLab, Les Fantômes, and Studio Irma.
  • Ferryhopper: Ferryhopper is simplifying the complexity of the ferry market by providing a platform (web & app) where travelers can search and compare all ferry operators in a single step, even finding indirect sea connections combining different ferry companies where the desired journey is not operated by any direct journey.