23-25 OCT 2024

Alicia Carrió Sanz


Docente en Generalitat Valenciana


Escritora Educacional

My name is Alicia Carrió, and I am an educator in the tourism sector with a holistic approach. I have years of training and experience in the field of education, during which the central focus has been on integrating self-awareness into my vocational training classes in Hospitality and Tourism, as well as in the various courses I lead. This integration is applied in leadership management, career development, mindful customer service, and other essential soft skills required to align with the demands of our industry. Of course, hard skills are also necessary to achieve the inseparable combination for success.

Understanding education from a holistic perspective encompasses various ways to inspire. Therefore, in this journey of development, I accompany individuals in nurturing their body, mind, and soul through my Instagram account: yo_mime_cocino, where I share all sorts of nutrition and mindful education tips. My motto: talent development should come from the soul and be for the soul.