23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Céline Cousteau

Co-Founder and Director of Development | Activist | Documentary Filmmaker | Workshop Facilitator | Author
Javari Project
Céline Cousteau

Céline Cousteau is an environmental activist, documentary filmmaker, international speaker, author, and workshop facilitator committed to sharing the vital message of the connection between humans and the natural world. From the Amazon to the United Nations, from Antarctica to the World Economic Forum, Céline weaves the threads of our common stories showing us how the healing of the planet and our own well-being are linked.
Director of the feature length documentary “Tribes on the Edge”, co-founder of the organization catalyzed by that film, the “Javari Project”, Céline will be headed back on expedition in 2024 on an exciting new project Amazon: from Ice to Sea.