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Judith Guerra Aguijosa

Judith Guerra Aguijosa

Judith Guerra Aguijosa, General Director and Founding Partner of Consolid Mexico Holding and En BodegaT: Current President of Grupo Mexicano de Asociaciones de Agencias de Viaje y Empresas Turísticas, A.C. (GMA). and National Director of Tourism at the Mexican Association of Women Heads of Business, AC (AMMJE). National Coordinator of the Advisory Council of the National Parliament of Professionals, A.C. (PANAPROAC).

Her professional experience includes her work with Mexicana Airlines and in 1987 she assumed the position of Regional Director of IATA (International Air Transport Association) in Mexico, being the first woman to hold an executive position in the corporation; from this position she achieved to accelerate the conceptual and operational transformation of the company, this earned it recognition for five consecutive years as the best IATA office worldwide.

Judith Guerra has been awarded nationally and internationally by various organizations in the tourism industry.