23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Olivia Fernández Cabellos

Founder and General Manager
Olivia: Beyond the Talent
Olivia Fernández Cabellos

Strategic and forward-thinking business leader with 25 years of expertise in Marketing and Communications at renowned multinational corporations. As the former Strategic Marketing Director at Sony Music, Director of Publicity and Corporate Communications at Warner Bros Pictures, and Head of Film Publicity at Netflix, I’ve consistently driven success through innovative thinking.

I’m a creative mind who thrives on innovation and maintains a relentless pursuit of excellence. My passion for effective, concise, and persuasive storytelling has resulted in high-value content across diverse online and offline channels. I have a proven track record of managing substantial budgets and leading large, high-performing teams.

Beyond these accomplishments, I take pride in fostering and maintaining robust collaborative relationships, a skill that has been pivotal in my journey. I continue to thirst for knowledge, ensuring that my strategies remain at the cutting edge of the industry.