23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Ripin Kalra

Technical Director, Innovation, Urban Resilience and Sustainability
Ripin Kalra

Ripin leads ICF’s urban analytics, planning, and climate resilience work, with a significant focus on nature-based solutions, sustainable food systems, urban livelihoods, and resource-efficient development.
During his career, he worked on urban-resilience and risk-reduction projects in more than 30 countries while in senior and leadership positions in global engineering, multi-disciplinary and integrated-planning firms.
In his work, Ripin collaborates extensively with public- and private-sector clients, urban local authorities, international financing institutions, foundations, and iNGO(s). He is currently a team leader for Kathmandu Valley Diagnostic Study (World Bank), technical advisor on the Nepal Urban Resilience Project (UK FCDO), and Project Director for Low Carbon Korea (EU).