23-25 OCT 2024 | SEVILLE-FIBES

Tourism Innovation Awards

Get rewarded for the implementation of innovative models or technology in the tourism industry

The Tourism Innovation Awards, held within the framework of TIS – Tourism Innovation Summit, reward outstanding innovation projects created to boost user experience while integrating new business models or using advanced technology that can bring a change in the current tourism landscape. The awards recognise the initiatives and projects that are committed to innovation, digitalisation and sustainability in the tourism sector.


  • EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AWARD: A smart tourism destination is defined as a destination facilitating access to tourism and hospitality products, services, spaces and experiences through Information and Communications Technology-based tools. This award recognizes those projects that offer an unforgettable customer experience for their clients.
  • BEST INNOVATION IN AI AND DATA ANALYTICS AWARD: The best Innovation in AI & Data Analytics are specifically focused on recognizing teams & end-user organizations that are doing groundbreaking work to deliver business outcomes using Data Analytics, AI & IoT technologies & techniques.
  • DIGITAL INNOVATION EXCELLENCE AWARD: This award recognizes an organization within the travel industry that has a well-implemented strategy to successfully market its products or services using digital technologies.
  • SUSTAINABLE LEADERSHIP AWARD: The aim of this award is to demonstrate the benefits of rehabilitation, recycling, eco-friendly transformation and the incorporation of sustainability into the strategy of tourism businesses through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  • EMERGING BUSINESS MODEL AWARD: The aim of The Best New Business Model Award is to demonstrate the benefits to achieve a sustainable and profitable future through technology and innovation, especially Deep Tech, rethinking location and geolocation, following the Tourism Organization models.
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