2-4 NOV 2022

We gather the most innovative and disruptive startups to transform the tourism sector 

Innovation often comes hand in hand with cooperation between corporations and startups. That is why Touristech Startup Fest is the initiative, held within the framework of TIS, which brings together the most innovative entrepreneurs with projects that can transform the tourism sector through technology and sustainability.

The Call for Innovation plans to convene more than 400 startups that will present their innovative project to be one of the 40 lucky ones who will be able to make a pitch in front of investors, Venture capital and leading companies on November 12th at Tourism Innovation Summit. The 4 winners will have the opportunity to test and implement their technological project in Seville.

But, also, after the presentations of the projects, the entrepreneurs will enjoy the Sevilla Futura Tour, a visit to the startup accelerator Sevilla Futura, and various cultural networking activities offered by the city of Seville.

In addition, the startups will have the opportunity to be part of the first world’s tourism startup atlas that we are going to design with the 400 participating projects. 

Touristech Startup Fest competition
Winners 2021

Telefónica Award for an Acceleration program in Gran Vía Open Future

  • Aumentur: A smart tourism platform that makes it quick, easy, and affordable for any city, museum, or exhibition to offer its contents to visitors in multimedia guide form using their own mobile phones.Tourism and culture managers usually have a lack of technological knowledge, economic budget, and human resources to develop appropriate destination guides for their visitors. Tourists also are fed up with having to install one app at each monument or city they visit. And when they do, unfortunately, usually it doesn’t work. We provide a ready-to-use platform, a no-code environment. With Aumentur, destination managers only have to take care of creating and uploading multimedia content (audio, image, AR, RV, 3D, etc) to design intelligent guides, while retrieving big data of their visitors to enhance the experience. Aumentur is from the visitor’s point of view a single native app (iOS/Android) that provides them all the multimedia content to enjoy the visit. The app triggers contents through active (numbers, QR, lists) or passive (GPS, bluetooth) methods.

Spanish Startups Award for a Mentoring session

  • SmartGuide: SmartGuide turns tourists into explorers by turning every phone into a personal tour guide. Tourist attractions and destinations use the platform to digitize tour guides orders of magnitude faster and cheaper than normally. SmartGuide app guides travelers using audio, geolocation and Augmented Reality like a live guide, outside of the crowds, safe from Covid-19. SmartGuide has over 300,000 users, 500 destinations, including the official guide of Prague, Harvard, many UNESCO sites and Singapore.

PCT Cartuja Award for an Office in the Tecnoincubadora Marie Curie for 6 months

  • TourData: Turbosuite es un acelerador de reservas turísticas. Mejorara el rendimientos de propiedades turísticas, a través de incrementar el número de reservas con un mayor valor medio. usando big data y la analítica predictiva. Hemos desarrollado un algoritmo de regresión lineal con mas de 100 factores ponderadores. Analizamos mas de 2 millones de datos/dia para cada propiedad gestionada.

WTTC Award for becoming a member of the WTTC during a year

  • Indie Travel: Indie is building the first creator software for travel entrepreneurs – taking disparate tools and combining them into one dashboard. Indie helps these entrepreneurs manage their income, as well as sell & engage with customers across travel and e-commerce marketplaces.

Atout France & Welcome City Lab Award for Connecting with french touristic members

  • OBW Street Style: The increase in the use of new electric urban mobility brings with it new challenges: Where to park? Where to recharge? How to combine parking, recharging stations and the safety of New Individual Electric Vehicles (NEVs)? Urban Smart Eco Park, the lockers for secure storage and recharging for your electric soft mobility vehicles. From these unsatisfied needs, OBW develops and patents its smart parking solution by giving its specifications to GSI to create an industrial manufacturing partnership for the Urban Smart Ecopark (Locker). In 2019, the first installation will see the light of day in Angers. The secure smart parking for mobility was born. Since then, a large number of private and public companies, agglomerations and transport companies have informed us of their desire to benefit from intermodal solutions with the train, metro, bus and car.

Forwardkeys Award for Free access to their data platform for a year

  • UnBlock: ¡Todo en tu móvil! Una appa dónde se tiene la llave maestra que da acceso a todos los servicios de la ciudad: desde coger el bus, entrar en el museo, alquilar un patinete, todo en una misma App.

Wakalua – UNWTO Innovation Award

  • Skyzup: Skydor is a phygital portal installed in a public space without onboard technology. Robin, a walker, walks past the portal, activates Augmented Reality on his own smartphone and films the portal, then a virtual image is displayed inside of the portal. Robin is invited to cross the portal to enter a Virtual Reality world. Thanks to 360 ° aerial images, Skydor allows him to visit amazing destinations on his smartphone screen. At the end of his virtual trip, Robin can continue the adventure online at www.skyzup.com and book his next trip.

Amadeus Award for Becoming a member of the Amadeus Startup Universe and 2 hours of mentorship

  • Visitmoov: Visitmoov is a B2B SaaS platform specialized in mobility and tourism. It provides actors from the tourism industry tools to automatically create personalized tours for their customers. Based on the client’s constraints like schedule or budget and their preferences such as the nature of attractions and activities they seek, our algorithm will automatically create a custom tour that includes destinations (activities, attractions..) and mobility information to provide the end-user with a complete roadmap.
    Tour creation is done in basic ways today: closed predefined packages on one side or manual work done with sorted lists from third-party platforms and then hair-pulling work to do the matching with transportation.
    Reachable via API, Visitmoov does that whole process thanks to its tour creation optimization algorithms integrating local multimodal information. Just push a list of parameters (specific locations, or just types of activities), user’s constraints (time, budget and even mobility preferences) and Visitmoov will reply with a detailed roadmap you can directly serve through your interface to your client. Does your client want to change something in the suggestions? The roadmap (including transportations) is updated to match it’s desires. And the best is yet to come. The roadmap can be automatically updated, in real-time while the tour is actually taking place: traffic perturbation or maybe just wanted to take more time for that coffee? The tour is updated to make sure that your user will reach his plane on time. Visitmoov saves time, increases customer satisfaction and provides a new range of services.

Andalucía Lab Award for an Event with the Andalusian tourism ecosystem

  • Kolaboo: Kolaboo is a comparison website for tours and activities. We help travellers find, in one single search, the best option at the best price for everything they can do at their destination. To do so, we connect to the main OTA’s selling this kind of activities (day trips, city tours, etc.), we aggregate their offer, structure it and compare it, so users can easily find which tours are similar between different providers, and which one is the best deal for them. We want to bring order and transparency to the tours and activities segment, travellers must have an easy way to find out if they are buying the best tour they can get in the market.

Sevilla City Office Award to test the startup solution in Seville

According to with the objective of the Seville City Council and with the aim to boost the innovation tourism ecosystem in the city, Sevilla City Office has offered four startups the opportunity to test their solution in Seville.

The winners of this award are: Aumentur, Tourdata Tech, UnBlock the City and Kolaboo. 

What’s there for you?

Pitch your tech solutions, products, or services in front of an audience of high profile executives

Countless ways to connect with Global Innovation Tourism Ecosystem of TIS2021.

Private meetings with potentials partners and investors to develop your Project, together with an exclusive agenda to meet the innovative ecosystem of Seville.

A Gold Pass to attend to a high level agenda at the Tourism Innovation Summit.

Selected solutions will be direct candidates in the Tourism Innovation Awards 2021.

Top 4 startups will test their solution in the Seville Urban Lab.

Be featured at the first world’s tourism startup atlas being part of a global ecosystem of innovation on travel and tourism.

Take advantage of accelerating programs to help you boost your startup.

Benefit of Seville ecosystem with an office there.

Touristech Startup Fest is closed! 

After receiving more than 400 proposals and with the difficulty that comes with choosing the best startups you can check below the list of the 41 lucky ones startups that will be able to make a pitch in front of investors, Venture capital and leading companies on November 12th at Tourism Innovation Summit.


Eightydays. Inc –  SmartGuide –  Unoblock the City – Appuli  –  CloudConstable Incorporated – Mooveteam SL – Kolaboo – Skyzup – Visitmoov – Boldest.io –

Indie – Edgar –  Oasis Hunters The Data Appeal Company –  Travelfine – Bobee Spot – OBW Street Style – ViewTag – UpperEat – RookieWise – Baluma Ventures

Affluences – Inspiravia s.l. – Lis10app – My Tour Live Tour Amigo –  GauVendi – Go Turify – Magpie Travel – We Travel Hub Solutions S.L. – Aumentur –

Alma Heritage – Amazing Up – AR VISION 2049 S.L. – Soluciones de movilidad especiales Spotyride – Tourdata tech sl –  Deepupsell –

La Voyageuse –  Fideltour – E-Hoteleaders/Tourism Symplay




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